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I can feel your pain...let me help.


Starting March 1, 2018, I will have online scheduling AND the ability to process debit/credit cards!!!


Massage Therapy: Your Greatest Tool for Living Life to the Fullest!

I'm Leisa Parks, Certified Massage Therapist, Certified Cupping Therapist, CORE Myofascial Therapist. Since July of 2012, I have been certified to practice in the state of Indiana.  My main techniques include deep tissue, trigger point, vacuum/cupping, sports, CORE Myofascial, and Swedish massage therapies.  

Pain is a feeling that most of us suffer from on a daily basis.  Neck, shoulder, and back pain are among the most common areas.  In my practice, I try to help you manage your pain through the techniques listed above.  

Stress is another common complaint.  Swedish massage can help calm the mind and body to help you tackle your day or week.  

In addition to pain and stress management, I also perform sports massage and CORE Myofascial Therapy to aid athletes in their desire to maintain their performance level before, during, and after their season. 

Whether it is pain, stress, sport, or any combination of the three, I can feel your pain...let me help.

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