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"As a competitive weightlifter my body is sore and fatigued consistently. This combined with a stressful class schedule takes a tole on my body. While I have gone to many massage therapists in the past Leisa goes above and beyond them all. Not only does she know how to loosen my body through massage but she gives advice for recovery and tips on training that are causing me unnecessary soreness. Many massage therapists do not know or understand how weight training effects the body but Leisa's background in weight training allows her to connect and help athletes easily. She cares about her clients progress and recovery and it is clear in the work she does. I highly recommend Leisa Parks as a massage therapist." - Marina C., Bloomington, IN (Client since 2016)


"Leisa is very easy and so amazing to work with! One of the best massage I ever have encountered in my life. Whatever needs to be done before the start of the session will be taken care of. Thanks Leisa for your time and hard work!" - Brandon E., Bloomington, IN  (Client since June 2017)


"Leisa is wonderful! She works on areas that need work. It is always very relaxing and therapeutic. The best massages I have ever had! Thank you!!" - Deb G., Bloomington, IN  (Client since 2013)


"I went to see Leisa because I was having issues with my shoulder and neck. I could barely turn my head left to right and was in a lot of pain. She provided a professional and relaxing environment and displayed her full range of knowledge during treatment. I left feeling like a new woman, full range of motion and no more pain. I highly recommend Leisa!" - Jessica G., Bloomington, IN  (Client since 2016)


"Leisa is amazing! I was having a lot of pain from TMJ and within three sessions I was feeling much better. She worked to relax my jaw, neck and shoulders. She is very professional and knowledgeable. I love that she comes to my house and still charges really reasonable rates. She also gives excellent relaxation massages too!" - Denise H., Indianapolis, IN  (Client since 2016)


"[Leisa's] massages have been awesome! I have a hard time relaxing, and I have never felt more relaxed. I usually have very tight muscles as well and [she does] a really great job at finding the knots and working them out while using the perfect amount of pressure. I love it when you can actually feel the knots being moved, and that is exactly what I experienced with [Leisa]. [Leisa is] very easy to talk to and I felt like the entire hour was focused on whatever we discussed prior to the massage (tight/sore spots). The music and room are relaxing too. After my massage, I felt better than ever!" -  Katie L., Bloomington, IN  (Client since 2016)


"I am an elementary teacher and there is very little time for self-health. Leisa helps me find that time. She has also helped tremendously with my injured shoulder. She walks me through additional things I can do at home to help continue on recovery. The witty banter is not a bad side effect either! Thank you!" - Pam N., Bloomington, IN (Client since July 2017)


"I saw Leisa for the first time several years ago after some marathons and overtraining injuries.  I had tight hips but otherwise felt pretty good.  Leisa quickly found several tight spots and area in my calves that needed addressing as well.  Leisa also found some trouble spots in my lower back, which was not bothering me at all.  In just one session, Leisa had me feeling so much better - and she even found some areas where I was holding stress that I didn't even realize.  I have been going back to Leisa time and time again - through strength training, marathons and ultras, and mountain bike racing, my body has remained in top shape thanks to Leisa's experience and knowledge working with the human body.  I will continue to see Leisa through whatever training I am going through.  She knows what to look for whether you are a cyclist, runner, baseball player, etc.  Thank you for keeping me healthy and flexible, Leisa!" - Alex P., Bloomington, IN  (Client since 2013)


"Leisa has without a doubt allowed me to recover faster and improve my overall health. Her willingness to chat about strategies to use –outside the massage sessions- is a wonderful bonus.  I always feel better after a massage as she gauges my needs with my tolerance- each and every time. Without a doubt- sport massage will be part of my training from now on- THANK YOU LEISA- I never thought massage would make such a difference." - Angie R., Bloomington, IN  (Client since 2016)


"Being someone who has enjoyed massage for relaxation and therapeutic reasons for years, I can say without a doubt that Leisa Parks is by far the BEST massage therapist I have ever gone to.  One of the things I like best about Leisa is her willingness to work with her clients’ individual needs and schedules to provide the best results possible.  I have enjoyed in-home massage targeting specific injuries.  Leisa made sure to check-in with me throughout the whole process, making sure that I was comfortable, but also explaining what she was doing and how I could follow-up on my own to continue the benefits I was receiving from the massage.  She is a wonderfully caring person, and I look forward to my next massage with her." - 

Amberly S., Indianapolis, IN  (Client since 2016)


"Leisa is AMAZING! She has been my go to massage therapist for almost 5 years now!! She is one of a kind! She has provided me with serious stress relief since I tend to carry all of my tension in my neck & shoulders. She is also awesome at sports massage because she's been there! She knows exactly what you need even if you aren't quite sure. Post partum massage… oh my goodness, best massage I have ever had! Totally affordable and well worth the time and money spent. I've had massages at high end spas that cost a fortune, but I have never left feeling quite as refreshed as when I leave an appointment with Leisa!" - Lauren S., Indianapolis, IN  (Client since 2012)


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